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Premium Quality Training Products by Kalley Krickeberg and Weaver Leather

Welcome to Kalley Krickeberg's Balanced Horse Training + Weaver Leather

- where we combine over 30 years of horse training expertise with the best in leather craftsmanship from Weaver Leather.

Founded in 1973, Weaver Leather is synonymous with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Kalley, combines her expertise and innovation with Weaver Leather's master craftsmanship to ensure the products we offer and endorse, are the best feeling and most effective tools on the market.

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Experience Excellence with Kalley-Endorsed Weaver Leather Products

Kalley strives to be your go-to source for innovative, practical and compassionate horse training. Weaver Leather strives to be your go-to for tried and trusted tool and equipment manufacturing. Soon, we’ll be offering a selection of Kalley’s favorite Weaver Leather products and gear.

 To find the original halter design Kalley invented and patented, follow the link: Horseman's Halter and use coupon code: KALLEY10 to enjoy

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Kalley Endorsed, Weaver Leather Equine Products

Synergy Contoured Steam Pressed 100% Merino Wool Felt Performance Saddle Pad

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Reliable Working Tack for Everyday Use

Of all the tack and equipment Weaver sells, the Working Tack line is the softest, most supple, ready-to-go-to-work equipment they have. I love the hardy, bulletproof construction combined with suppleness and feel I'm looking for as a professional that uses this gear all day long.


Leather Splint Boots

Sometimes I like to have leg protection for my horses whether I'm in the arena, or out in the wild where we can pick up burrs, thistles, foxtails and worse! With the Weaver Equine leather splint boots, I don't need to worry about man-made materials picking up nature-made snags and irritants. 

Constructed from top quality Hermann Oak® harness leather, these splint boots have a closed-cell foam rubber lining for shock-absorbing protection. Elastic webbing helps give these boots a great fit. Durable hardware. Sold per pair.

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