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Best of Balanced Horse Training

Kalley Krickeberg Is “Keepin’ It Fresh” With New eBook 

“Keepin’ It Fresh”, the new eBook by Balanced Horse Training (BHT) pioneer and columnist Kalley Krickeberg, has been launched in cooperation with Chrome, the magazine of the American Paint Horse
Association (APHA). It contains a richly illustrated “Best of...” compilation of the influential trainer’s popular articles for the publication.


With “Keepin’ It Fresh”, the author - who serves as a Contributing Editor for Chrome - presents a balanced horse training refresher course in ten lessons. The carefully curated collection highlights training areas and provides hands-on tips relevant for most riders. Its “evergreen” articles can be used as reference points by BHT beginners and “veterans” alike.


The book aims to recalibrate training to help readers prevent “training rut”, while keeping the horse’s mentality in balance. The author also recommends occasionally applying training techniques or tasks outside the rider’s chosen discipline.

“Keepin’ It Fresh” reflects its author’s training philosophy. Kalley Krickeberg’s “Balanced Horse Training” approach was developed and is continuously refined based on more than 25 years of experience in the art of training horses.

According to Kalley, BHT can be described as recognizing the good in every sport and or discipline and using these elements to build a solid mind and body on a horse.

Topics and concepts addressed in “Keepin’ It Fresh” cover a broad range, from how to deliberately expose a horse to new things to help the horse process the learning experience, over “Stick Riding” and three stages of training that can help any horse learn to neck rein like a pro, to the elusive concept of collection (“it’s really all about the neck”).  **see/click excerpt below**

As a result, her new book reflects the depth of the author’s expertise, which ranges from starting foals to foundation training and from refined work to working cows. In addition, she engages in horse-related sports, such as polo, reining, and liberty and enjoys ranch work and helping problem horses.

Why did Kalley Krickeberg decide to publish this compendium? “The problem I always see in training, no matter the discipline, is that people get stuck in a training rut,” says Kalley, “and so do their horses. Then things get unbalanced in the horse’s mind.”

“I want people to keep recalibrating their training,” she explained. “My goal is always to produce a content, smart, sensitive, and willing horse, that’s balanced in both mind and body.”

“Keepin’ It Fresh” by Kalley Krickeberg can be purchased in Kalley's online store (link below) and the first of many horse training books and support materials in development as part of Kalley’s BHT method to training horses and riders.

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