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Seek Balance in Everything

Kalley Krickeberg is a world-class equestrian with world-class talent. She has developed her Balanced Horse Training (BHT) curriculum through in depth training in many disciplines.  Kalley has worked with masters in equine sports ranging from Dressage to Reining, from Hunter/Jumper to Ranch Horse work and Barrel Racing.  While Natural Horsemanship helped to develop Kalley's Balanced approach, her true passion resides in the sport of Polo. Her expertise extends from Foals, to Young Horses and Liberty. In addition, Kalley has one of the highest success rates in the industry for rehabilitating the Problem and Troubled Horse. This success is attributed to her broad knowledge base and experience coupled with a fair, deliberate, and graceful approach. This skill set and experience has culminated in the creation of her unique and groundbreaking Balanced Horse Training Foundation Program

The Goal​

At its core,  horses needs a Balanced Training regimen to establish a foundation and build a stable frame of mind.  That Balanced Foundation helps a horse achieve his full potential by establishing a communication channel between horse and human.  This grounding and balancing philosophy sets Kalley Krickeberg apart in a crowded field of professionals. Without a Balanced Horse Training foundation, many horses fail to achieve their full potential at the discipline of your choosing, but few are able to excel.  Horses are highly capable and trainable, but they are flight and fear based animals. Developing a quiet mind and controlled emotions enables the horse to be able to work, perform and interact to its highest ability.  A Balanced Equine Mind is required for Confidence and Confidence is required for Excellence.

The Inventor & Author

Kalley is not only the inventor and Patent holder of the now famous HYBRID HALTER, but she is also a Published Author. Kalley writes a quarterly Training column for the stunning American Paint Horse Association’s publication “Chrome Magazine,” and is currently working on publishing her first eBook. A leader in the horse training and clinician industry, she is here to share her Wisdoms and Secrets to Success with you. You can follow Kalley here through her Blog posts, or on social media through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  To advance your Training and Education, check out Kalley's BHT Clinics.

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August 7, 2019

To Cross Tie or not to Cross Tie... That is the question...

Some people religiously or habitually use them, and other people are vehemently or religiously oppose them...so who's right?

I say neither is wrong and both are right, it's all about the preparation. Cross Ties are super handy for grooming, tacking and farrier work...

May 10, 2019

The success or failure of a horse's career can largely, if not entirely, depend on the strength, thoroughness and dependability of its Foundational training. If a horse has learned to be pushy, be argumentative, be afraid, or be tense, those will forever be stumbling blocks as their sport career, working career, or recrea...

October 15, 2018

One December 2017th evening, I picked up the Equus magazine and coincidentally it opened straight to an ad for the 2018 Thoroughbred Makeover competition. Immediately my curiosity was peeked. During my busy schedule on the West coast I had only seen glimpses of this East coast event in passing, but even so, I definitely n...

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January 29, 2018

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"The Horse Education Company  has stood behind me from the beginning, and I stand behind their tools and equipment to this day. For all your training needs, whether its a HYBRID Halter, training DVD's, quality leather reins, or Liberty tools, the Horse Education Company should be your one stop horse education shop!"