Kalley's Flexion Horse

2 Days with Kalley: start the Journey to a quiet yet responsive horse

1.  Human spatial awareness. Horse spatial responsiveness.

2.  The nuance of using Tools and Techniques handily.

3.  Five exercises to keep your Training Fresh

On May 2nd & 3rd in Whitewright, TX, Kalley will work in the arena with Participants on:

Auditors and Participants at the Whitewright Clinic will learn 5 Exercises:

  1. "Outer Eye" It's all about HindQuarter control and ForeQuarter confidence with ground skills

  2.   "Float the Rope"  It's all about developing the human's spacial awareness on the ground

  3. The "Barbier" teaches the horse self control while under saddle.

  4. "Steering, Rating, Stopping"  Kalley's Dashboard when riding

  5. 3 Steps to a Great Stop

Auditors are welcome to come and go throughout the day(s) as they please