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Horsemanship is a Journey,

and Kalley is here to help you write  Your story...

If you are looking to build classy Liberty that is soft, polite, responsive, reciprocal and respectful, this is the place where you'll find the keys. If you are looking to build a solid, sensitive and willing horse under saddle, this is where you will not only find those building blocks, but also learn strategies to put them together in a way that is functional across disciplines. Not only will you gain access to Kalley's very unique step by step approach to training, but you will also be granted the individual support you need to ensure that you find success and reach your goals.  

At Kalley Krickeberg's Balanced Horse Training, our primary focus and philosophy is to train horses and teach people in a Balanced way, incorporating the positive practices from all different disciplines for the benefit of the horse.

By joining the BHT Membership, you are tapping into over 25 years of training experience and expertise through Kalley's eyes. There will be live and recorded training sessions where Polo, Dressage, Reining, Ranch Horse, Natural Horsemanship, Liberty, Colt Starting and Problem Horse strategies will be referenced. There is no other Program that can offer the diversity of exposure that has taken Kalley a lifetime to gain. You will also have access to in-depth discussion forums to further your understanding, as well as unmatched personal access to Kalley herself.  

Through joining the BHT Membership you will become a part of a growing community of people that have been seeking the middle ground  between a more thoughtful and sensitive training approach, emphasize by "Natural Horsemanship", and the need to maintain common sense and practicality, emphasized by more "Traditional" methods.

Kalley will help guide you through developing anything from a healthy working relationship with your horse, to forming that special horse-human bond that is developed so strongly through the pursuit of Liberty work.

Depending on which level you choose to join at, you will gain access to a wealth of  information through live webinars with Kalley, and/or you will have access to a continually growing video library of prerecorded webinars, training tips, training sessions, and inspirational memoirs.

This is the grass-roots beginnings for Kalley's Program and we would love your thoughtful feedback, as we are always looking to improve. Please peruse our offerings below.

We hope to see you down this beautiful road where YOUR story is written....

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